Sato Foods Co., Ltd.

Authentic mochi rice cakes and authentic cooked rice Sato Foods Co.,Ltd.


Characteristics of the company

Sato Foods Co., Ltd. was the first company in the mochi rice cake producing industry to develop technology to aseptic-pack mochi piece by piece, which it commercialized as the “Steaming-Hot Sato no Kiri-Mochi Single Pack,” the company’s representative product. We realized the convenience for our customers to eat any amount of mochi any time they like.

The company further took advantage of the aseptic-pack technology acquired through the production of mochi, and automated the production process. The company developed aseptic-pack cooked rice, which enables freshly cooked rice to be packed while preventing microbial contamination and be shelf-stable for ten months.

The company aims to further expand the market size as the leader of the mochi and cooked rice production industry.

From now on, it is expected that the conventional family structure will change, and the individualization of eating habits will further advance along with the alteration of people’s lifestyles, such as an increase in nuclear households and those who live alone, and the progress in the aging of society.

Our company will evolve our business to pursue convenience for our customers with such backdrop.

Company Outline

Date of foundation April 15, 1961 (start of business: April 1950)
Capital 543,775,000 yen Number of outstanding shares: 5,075,500 (as of April 2020)
Representative Hajime Sato, President and Representative Director
Sales 37,949 million yen (for the period from May 2019 to April 2020)
Types of business Production and sales of packed mochi, packed cooked rice, etc.
Major production items
Hokkaido Plant
  1. Sato No Kiri-mochi Paritto slit
  2. Sato No Gohan
Shibata Plant
  1. Sato No Kiri-mochi Paritto slit
  2. Sato No Gohan
  3. Sato No Kagami-mochi
Saga Plant
  1. Sato No Kiri-Mochi Paritto Slit
  2. Sato No Maru-Mochi Paritto Slit
  3. Sato No Kagami-Mochi
Higashiko Plant
  1. Sato No Gohan
Seiro Plant
  1. Sato No Gohan
Headquarters 13-5 Takaramachi, Niigatahigashi-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
TEL: +81-25-275-1110 (pilot number)
Number of business establishments
  1. Four branches
  2. Four sales offices
  3. Five plants
  4. One distribution center