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Sato No Kiri-mochi Paritto Slit 1kg

Sato No Kiri-mochi Paritto Slit 1kgの画像
Product specification Made of 100% wet-field sticky rice grown in Japan
Content 1kg
Best-before date 24 months from the production date
Preservation method Store at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity

Nutritional components per piece of mochi (50g)

Energy 118kcal
Protein 2.0g
Carbohydrate 26.8g
Sodium less than 0mg
Fat 0.3g

How to cook

  1. Bake for about four to five minutes using a toaster oven, until the surface of the mochi is browned.
  2. Switch off the toaster without opening the door, and leave the mochi inside for about two minutes.
  3. This way, mochi can be cooked softly all the way through.

* The cooking time may differ depending on the model of the toaster oven. Please adjust the time accordingly.